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Infrastructure Development

Roads & Bridges

  • Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Road Programme Phase-V & VI (PKR.15,000 million)
  • Dualization of Khanewal - Lodhran Road  (PKR.10,000 million)
  • Dualization of D.G. Khan -  Muzaffargarh Road (PKR.3,000 million)
  • Construction of Bridge Over River Chenab at Shahbazpur to connect Disrtict Gujrat via District Sialkot (PKR.1000 million)
  • Completion of High level bridge over river Jhelum at Langarwal Pattan, District Sargodha (PKR.754 million)
  • Construction of Flyover in G.T road at Aziz Cross (PKR.750 million)
  • Construction of Bridge at Chak Nizam on River Jhelum M.B.Din  (PKR.270 million)
  • Dualization of Road from Bahawalpur to Hasil Pur L=77.25 Km, District Bahawalpur (PKR.50.000 million)


  • Khadim-e-Punjab Ujala Program Southern Punjab (PKR.3,000 million)
  • Renewable energy development sector investment programme (REDSIP) (PKR.2,571 million)
  • Establishment of 15,20 mw bio mass thermal power plant near Chak Jhumra, Faisalabad (PKR.600 million)
  • Establishment of mini hydro power sites (PKR.600 million)
  • Construction of energy resource center at Lahore (PKR.500 million)
  • Energy efficiency & conservation programme  (PKR.338 million)
  • Upgradation of center for energy research and development at UET lahore  (PKR.73.5 million)


  • Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience Project (Irrigation Components) (PKR.4,400 million)
  • Disaster & Climate Resilience Improvement  Project (DCRIP) (PKR.3,500 million)
  • Rehabilitation and upgradation of Trimmu Barrage, Punjnad Head Works Sulemanki PKR.2,875 million)
  • New Khanki Barrage Construction Project (PKR.2,735 million)
  • Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (PKR.2,038 million)
  • Pakpatan canal and Sulemanki Barrage Improvement Project (PCSBIP) (PKR.1,050 million)
  • Selective Lining of Irrigation Channels in Punjab Phase-III (PKR.1,000 million)


Urban Developments & Transport

  • Extension of Water Resource Faisalabad for city Phase-II (French Funded) (PKR.100.000 million)
  • Augmentation of Water Supply of Rawalpindi based on Chahan Dam Source particularly new areas added in WASA's Jurisdiction, Rawalpindi (PKR.100.000 million)
  • Development of Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore (PKR.938.493 million)
  • Replacement of outlived sewer lines in Multan (PKR.66.062 million)
  • Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project (PKR.93,532 million)
  • Establishment of Mobile ways Stations under axle Load Management Regim in Punjab (PKR.1,563 million)