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Infrastructure Development

Roads & Bridges

  • Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Program (Rs.27,000 million)
  • Construction of flyover on G.T road at Aziz Road cross Gujranwala (Rs.750 million)
  • Rawalpindi Murree Kashmir Road from Lower Topa to Kohala (length 32 Km)     (Rs.375 million)
  • Establishment of flyover across railway track in Raiwind City District, Lahore.       (Rs.500 million)
  • Up-gradation of Road Research and Material Testing Institute (RRMII) and Building Research Stations (BRS), Lahore.( Rs.50 million)
  • Metalled road from Sheikhupura Interchange (M-2) to QAAP along Motorway (length 3.90 Km) ( Rs.295 million) 
  • Dualization of Hasilpur Bahawalpur Road (Rs.300 million)
  • Construction of Bridge over River Jhelum at Langerwal (Rs.250 million), Shahbazpur (Rs.650 million) at River Chenab.
  • Construction of new Bridge over River Ravi Lahore for Metro Bus (Rs.180 million).
  • Construction of Bridge over River Indus at Mirranpur  R.Y. Khan (Rs.500 million)


  • Renewable Energy Development Sector Investment Programme (Rs.4,630 million)
  • Energy Development Funds  (Rs.2,000 million)
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation Programme (Rs.1,000 million)
  • Establishment of 15-20 MW Bio Mass Thermal Power Plant near Chak Jhumra, Faisalabad (Rs.250 million)
  • Energy Resource Centre (Rs.250 million)


  • New Khanki Barrage Construction Project( Rs.4500 million) 
  • Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (Rs.4,025 million)
  • Lining of Distributaries and Minors in Punjab (Rs.4,000 million)
  • Rehabilitation and Up-gradation of Trimmu Barrage, Punjnand Headworks (Rs.3450 million) 
  • Pakpattan Canal and Sulemanki Barrage( Rs.2875 million) 
  • Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience Project (Rs.2180 million) 
  • Disaster and Climate Resilience Project (Rs.2000 million) 
  • Construction of Rubber Dam on river Sutlej near Bahawalpur city to raise ground water (Rs.1650 million)
  • Rehabilitation and upgradation of drainage system to control water logging in Bahawalpur zone (Rs.1500 million)
  • Greater Thal Canal Project (Construction of Chobara Branch and its system) to irrigate 294, 110 acres command area (Rs.700 million)

Urban Developments & Transport

  • Provision of Sewerage System for UC-117,118 & 120 Lahore (Rs.1,999 million)
  • Sewerage System from Larechs Colony to Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore (Rs.1,371 million)
  • Construction of flyover at Kacha Jail Road (Rs.745 million)
  • Replacement of Tubewells including Tubewells (45 Nos), Lahore (Rs.650 million)
  • Strom water Drainage System from Haji Camp to River Ravi via Laxmi Chowk, Mcleod Road, Nabha Road, Chauburji and Sham Nagar Lahore (Rs.500 million)
  • Establishment of SCADA System at Tubewells, Disposal & Lift Stations, Lahore (Rs.200 million)
  • Improvement/Rehabilitation of Sheikhupura Road from Nishatabad Over Head Bridge to PTCL Exchange Sargodha Road, Faisalabad (Rs.275 million)
  • Remodeling of Storm Water Channel No. 1 Sheikhu Pura road to Paharang Drain Faisalabad (Rs.276 million)
  • Extension of Water Resources for Faisalabad City, Phase-II (Rs.50 million)
  • Construction of RCC Drain Qila Mian Singh Minor from Rajkot Disposal Station to Western bypass, Gujranwala (Rs.400 million)
  • Schemes for Fort Minro Development Authority (FMDA), D.G. Khan (Rs.943 million)
  • Widening and improvement of road from MDA Chowk to Dera Adda Chowk Multan (Rs.500 million)
  • Augmentation /Improvement of Disposal Station Multan Phase-I (Rs.400 million)
  • Replacement of outlived sewer lines in Multan (Rs.312 million) 
  • Installation of Traffic Signals at Bahawalpur City (Rs.94 million)
  • Scooty for working women (Pilot Project) (Rs. 90 million)
  • Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project (Rs. 85,000 million)
  • Construction of Multan Metro Bus Project (Rs. 3,000 million)
  • Third Party Services for Vehicle Inspection and Certification System (Rs. 100 million)
  • Establishment including Civil Works,Procurement, Installation and Maintenance of 12 Permanent & 36 Mobile Weigh Stations under Axle Load Management Regime in Punjab.(Rs. 2,000 million)