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Consultative Session held at Planning and Development Department for ADP Formulation

09 Mar, 2017

The Government of Punjab, which caters to almost 50% of the total population within the country, is dedicated to its vision of building a healthy community with access to affordable and quality healthcare for all. A consultative session was held on March 9, 2017 at the Planning and Development Department to encourage a dialogue which would guide and support the development of schemes and interventions in the Annual Development Programme, which is a key policy instrument.

Eminent officers, technical experts and leading academics were invited to discuss gaps in the health sector and recommend innovative strategies to direct the ADP formulation for 2017-2018. The discussion brought forward recommendations which addressed the HR crisis, (particularly those observed in rural areas, amongst neglected specialities and in the form of female drop-out rates), highlighted the need to revisit infrastructure designs for health facilities and noted the significance of establishing a medical education directorate.

Mr. Khawaja Salman Rafiq, Minister for Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education; Dr. Shabana Haider, P&D Board Member Health, Nutrition and Population, Dr. Shabnum Sarfraz, Acting CEO, PPHA; Ms. Rubina Bashir, Chief Architect; Mrs. Shahima Rehman, Chairperson, Fatima Memorial System; Dr. Anwar Janjua, Provincial Team Leader, TRF+ and Dr. Babar Alam, Provincial Coordinator, UNFPA were some of the notable participants along with other experts from the P&SH and SH&ME Departments, SMU, Health Roadmap Team, Indus Hospital, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, Shalamar Hospital, Childrens Hospital and UNWFP.