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Punjab Planning & Development organized a ceremony to review ADP 2018-19

22 Nov, 2018

Punjab Chairman Planning & Development Board Habib-ur-Rehman Gilani said that Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the recipe source for the whole universe. He paying tribute to Hazrat Muhammad (PBHU) highlighted what steps should be taken by us to enhance our love for Holy Prophet & Islam. Punjab Planning & Development Board has done a good job to prepare and streamline the Annual Development Program 2018-19 for the whole Punjab Province. Punjab government appreciated the efforts, in preparing ADP, of the all officers & officials of P&D Board. Chief Minister Punjab has also approved Honoria for the P&D employees in recognition of good services delivered during the preparation of ADP.

Chairman P&D stated this while presiding over the Mehfil-e-Milad & get together ceremony of the P&D officials organized in the premises of P&D Board, Lahore.

P&D Board Members Dr. Naveed Chaudary, Khalid Sultan, Agha Waqar Javed, Advisor CPEC Dr. Zahir Shah, Joint Chief Economist P&D Dr. Aman ullah, Additional Secretary P&D Nadia Saqib, Deputy Secretary P&D Ismail Mirza, Sr. Chief P&D Javed Latif, Salman Iftikhar Shami, Chiefs & Assistants Chiefs of Development Sectors and other officials of P&D participated in the ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, P&D Chairman Habib Gilani said that the performance and dignity of the P&D Board is brightened for all in Punjab Province. Instructions for submission of PC-I of the Projects have already been given to all administrative departments of Punjab Government. Under the rules of business, the P&D is now declared as the Planning & Development Board Punjab. During the ceremony, Chairman P&D listened problems pertaining to human resource wing and directed the concerned officials to redress these issues on top priority basis. At the last, detailed presentation on waste water plant was also given to the participants of the ceremony.