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Health Sector

1 Infection Control Program (as on 28.4.17)
2 Establishment of Gujranwala Medical College (as on 14.4.17)
3 Upgradation of DHQ Hospital, Narowal (from 125 beds to 300 beds) (as on 20.4.17)
4 Completion of DHQ Building for conversion Kidney Hospital, MIKD, Multan
5 Construction of DHQ Hospital M.B. Din (as on 14.4.17)
6 Estab. of 100 Bedded THQ Hospital Potohar Town, RWP (as on 7.4.17)
7 Infection Control Program, Punjab (as on 7.4.17)
8 Population Welfare Program (2017-20) (as on 11.4.17)
9 Completion of DHQ Hospital Conversion Multan Insititue Kidney Disease(as on 27.3.17)
10 Estab. of Institute of Urology and Transplantation, RWP (as on 28.3.17)