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Irrigation Sector

1 Const. of Jalalpur Irrigation Canal and its system(21.8.17)
2 Imrovement of Irrigation water supply at tail reaches (10.7.17)
3 Remodeling of Hill Torrent Crossings RD 185+500-242+300 DG Khan Canal (12.7.17)
4 Instllation of Weather Survelliance Radar Sialkot
5 Const. of Sports Complex, Lahore (21.6.17)
6 Study on Aquifer Punjab at Sub Basin Determine Options (as on 27.4.17)
7 Remodeling of SMB Link Canal and enhancing Mailsi Syphon (as on 29.3.17)
8 Providing Flood Protection Bund along Left Bank of River Chenab
9 Channelization of Nullah Jabba District Mianwali
10 Remodeling of SMB Link Canal of Mailsi Syphon