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Irrigation Sector

1 Construction of Mohra Shera Dam District Rawalpindi
2 Construction of Mujhaid Dam
3 River Training Works to Save the Bhikiwind Village Post of Pak Army
4 Rehabilitation of Degi Distributoary with System R.Y. Khan
5 Strengthening, Raising & Providing Good Earth Cover
6 Const. of Flood Bund along River Indus from Raikh Bagh wala Rajanpur
7 Channelization of Nullah Jabba in Mainwali
8 Extension of existing J – Head Spur at RD. 188+000 D. G. Khan
9 Const. of Nutkani Flood Carrying Channel 21+000 D.G. Khan
10 Construction of J-Head Spur RD 20000-25000 Maggasson Branch