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Transport Sector

1 Lahore orange Line Metro Package-1 - Land Acq - Dera Gujran to Lakshami 0+000 to 11+900
2 Lahore orange Line Metro Package-2 - Land Acq - Chauburji to ali Town 14+200 to 27+600
3 Lahore orange Line Metro Package-3-Land Acq-Depot at Dera Gujjran
4 Lahore orange Line Metro Package-4-Land Acq-Stabling Yard at Ali Town
5 Const. of Multan Metro Bus P-5 from Vehari Road To Chowk Kumharan Reveised (20.7.17)
6 Const. of Multan Metro Bus P-3 from Fish Market to Chungi No. 14 (20.7.17)
7 Const. of Multan Metro Bus P-4 Chungi No. 14 to BCG Chowk and Segment of Vehari Road (20.7.17)
8 (PC-II)Third Party Ser. for Vehicle Inspection Certi. System (VICS) (22.6.17)
9 Const. of Pedestrian Underpass LOLMTP Anarkali Station to Green Line Jain Mandar (19.6.17)
10 Thirty Party Services for Vehicle Inspection Certification System (as on 18.4.17)
11 Women on Wheels (as on 24.4.17)
12 Land Acquisition Estab. of Multi-Modal Inter-City Bus Terminal
13 Estab. Procurmenet of Axle Load Management Regime works
14 Scooty for Working Women Pilot Project
15 Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project Shifting of Utilities LESCO
16 Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project shifting of Utilities LESCO
17 Lahore Orange Line Project Shifting of Utilities and LESCO Power Supply Interface
18 Lahore Orange Line Project (Bridge Finance Facility to Civil Contractors of LDA)
19 Estab. including Civil Works Procurement, Installation and Maintenance of 12 permanent & 36 Mobile Weigh Stations
20 Bus Depot and Command & Control Center (Package 9 PC-I)
21 BZU to Chungi # 6 - Package-1
22 Chungi # 6 to Fish Market - Package-2
23 Fish Market to Chungi # 14 - Package-3
24 Chungi # 14 to Vehari Road - Package-4
25 BCG Chowk to Chowk Kumhara - Package-5
26 BCG Chowk to D Phattak - Package-6
27 Shah Abbass Chowk to M. Bin Qasim Chowk - Package-7
28 M. Bin Qasim Chowk to Chungi # 9 - Package-8
29 Nagg Shah to Double Phattak - Package-9
30 Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Escalator and Elevator
31 Supply Solar Street Lights, Generators and Platf
32 Lahore Orange Line Metro Train project, Land Acquisition
33 Lahore Orange Line Metro (Contingencies & Allied works)
34 Lahore Orange Line Metro Train (Security for Chines)