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Production Sector



  • Khadim-e-Punjab Kisan Package for Agriculture (PKR.15,000 million)
  • Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP)-World Bank Assisted (PKR.3,381 million)
  • Establishment of Punjab Agriculture Food & Drug Authority (PAFDA), Lahore (PKR.2,000 million)
  • Establishment of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture, Multan (Phase II) (PKR.726 million)
  • Provision of Laser Land Levellers to the Farmers / Service Providers on Subsidized Costs  (PKR.669 million)
  • Extension Service 2.0 - Farmer Facilitation Through Modernized Extension  (PKR.513 million)
  • Optimizing Watercourse Conveyance Efficiency through enhancing Lining Length  (PKR.500 million)
  • Promotion of High Value Agriculture through Provision of Climate Smart Technology Package (PKR.500 million)
  • Establishment of Model Farms linked with improved Supply Chain and Value Addition (PKR.200 million)
  • Establishment of Hi-Tech Mechanization Service Centre in Punjab 2019  (PKR.100 million)
  • Cotton seed reform project (PKR.100 million)
  • Development of hybrid and OPVs in horticulture crops resilient to climate change (PKR.100 million)


  • Green Pakistan Program - Revival of Forestry Resources in Pakistan (PKR.269 million)
  • Social Forestry to increase Tree Cover on Farmland (PKR.139 million)
  • Enhance Rangelands Production and Planting of Fodder Trees for Farmer Community (PKR.252 million)
  • Strengthening of Forest Services Academy Ghoragali, Murree (PKR.50 million)


  • Improvement & Development of Jallo Safari, Lahore (PKR.70 million)



  • Delivery of better extension services to accelerate fish culture practices (PKR.115 million)



  • Poverty alleviation of poor women through provision of heifer & sheep / goats in Punjab (PKR.1,725 million)
  • Enhancing Livestock Production and Productivity through strategic de-worming and vaccination (PKR.1,324 million)
  • Establishment of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at Bahawalpur (PKR.1,233 million)
  • Improving productivity and fertility of small and large ruminants through encourgement  of bull keeping for natural mating (PKR.941  million)
  • Establishment of Suspension Culture Plant at F&MDRC Lahore (PKR.331 million)
  • Establishment of model livestock farms linked with improved supply chain and value addition (PKR.5.00 million)

Industries, Commerce & Investment

  • Punjab Skill Development Programme (PVTC+TEVTA+PIU) (PKR.4,600 million)
  • Quaid–e-Azam Apparel Park (PKR.4,000 million)
  • SME Credit scheme (PKR.3,000 million)
  • PSIC (Self Employment Scheme) (PKR.2,000 million)