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Social Sector

School Education

  • Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) (PKR..16,000 million)
  • Public Sector School Programme (PSSP) (PKR.7,000 million)
  • Provision of Additional Class Rooms (PKR.6,500 million)
  • Reconstruction of Dilapidated School Buildings in Punjab (PKR.4,000 million)
  • Punjab Daanish School System (PKR.3,000 million)
  • Provision of missing facilities including security cover in schools of Punjab (PKR.2,000 million)
  • Provision of IT Labs in High/Higher Secondary Schools in Punjab (PKR.1,400 million)
  • Construction of Buildings for Shelter less Schools in Punjab (PKR.600 million)
  • Establishment of Cadet College at Khanpur, R.Y. Khan (PKR.250 million)
  • Provision of Government Girls Primary, Elementary and High Schools in Leftover UCs in Punjab (PKR.400 million)
  • Introduction of Early childhood education in 5000-Primary Schools in Punjab with highest enrollment & Improvement of Environment of Schools to convert them into child-friendly Schools (PKR.350 million)
  • Teacher Training Programme (PKR.300 million)
  • Provision of IT Labs in Elementary Schools in Punjab (PKR.250 million)

Higher Education

  • Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF)(PKR.5,000 million)
  • Establishment of new Universities and sub-campuses at Sahiwal, Okara, Jhang, T.T. Singh, D.G. Khan, Chakwal, Jhelum, Narowal and P.D. Khan (PKR.700 million)
  • Khawaja Farid University of Engineering & IT at Rahim Yar Khan (PKR.587 million)
  • Establishment of Knowledge Park and IT University at Lahore (PKR.500 million)
  • Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) (PKR.500 million)
  • Provision of funds for strengthening of existing science & IT labs (PKR.400 million)
  • Establishment of Cedit College at Khanpur and Fort Manro (PKR.100 million)
  • Establishment of Community Colleges in Punjab (PKR.20 million)


  • Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute & Research Centre (PKLI), Lahore (PKR.8,000 million)
  • Provision of Missing Specialities for Upgradation of DHQ Hospital to Teaching Hospital, D.G Khan, Sahiwal, Sialkot  and Gujranwala (Phasse-I & II) (PKR.2,972 million)
  • Health Insurance Programme, Punjab (PKR.2,000 million)
  • Strengthening of Expanded Programme for Immunization (EPI). (PKR.1,700 million)
  • Integrated Reproductive Maternal New Born & Child Health (IRMNCH) & Nutrition Programme (PKR.1,650)
  • Prevention and Control of Hepatitis in Punjab (Phase-II) (PKR.1,000 million)
  • Revamping of Four Tertiary Hospitals (PKR.803 million)
  • Purchase of Mobile Health Units (PKR.800 million)
  • Establishment of 100 Bedded Mother & Child Hospital, Murree (in collaboration with Federal Government.) Punjab’s Share (PKR.715 million)
  • Institute of Urology & Transplantation, Rawalpindi (PKR.500 million)
  • Construction/Expansion of 150 Beds for Provision of Sub-Specialist Services at Children Hospital Complex, Multan (PKR.411 million)
  • Chief Minister's Stunting Reduction Programme for 11 Southern Districts of Punjab (PKR.400 million)
  • Purchase of Ventilators & Ventilated Beds with Basic ICU Equipments for Teaching Hospital in Punjab (PKR.400 million)
  • Establishment of DHQ Hospital, Multan (PKR.300 million)
  • Introduction of Ultra Sonography at BHU's and RHC's in Punjab (PKR.300 million)
  • Establishment of Hepatitis Clinics & GI  Departments in Tertiary Care Hospitals in Punjab (PKR.250 million)
  • Establishment of Four new Medical Colleges at Bahawalnagar, Bhakkar, Attock and Narowal (PKR.205 million)
  • Strengthening of District Health Authorities (PKR.200 million)

Water Supply & Sanitation

  • Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Pani Program (PKR.24,500 million)
  • Rehabilitation of 781 dysfunctional Rural Water Supply Schemes (PKR.283.000 million)
  • Rehabilitation / Improvement sewerage system Jhang Phase-I (PKR.100 million)
  • Urban Sewerage/Drainage scheme, PCC Slab & Brick Pavement in Bhakkar City (PKR.40.000 million)
  • Water Supply Scheme Sadiqabad, Tehsil Sadiqabad, District R.Y. Khan (PKR.40.000 million)
  • Sewerage Scheme Chishtian/City Uplift Package Chishtian (PKR.35.000 million)
  • Extension / Improvement of Water Supply Scheme Southern City, Okara (PKR.30.000 million)
  • Construction of Water Supply System Gujrat (PKR.30.000 million)
  • Comprehensive sewerage scheme Chenab Nagar Chiniot (PKR.20.000
  • Water Supply Scheme Chakwal Based on Khai Dam (PKR.20.000 million)
  • Urban Sewerage Scheme Jhelum with Treatment Plant (PKR.20.000 million)
  • Urban Water Supply Scheme Gojra Phase II  (PKR.20.000 million)
  • Provision of clean drinking water, sewerage system, PCC and allied facilities in Jallo Mor, Batapur (PKR.15.000 million)
  • WASH Programme under stunting reduction programme in 11 Districts of Multan, Bahawalpur and D.G.Khan Civil Divisions (PKR.10.000 million)
  • Comprehensive Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Scheme, Jauharabad (PKR.10.000 million)
  • Urban Sewerage Drainage Scheme, Pattoki Revised (PKR.6.760 million)

Local Government & Community Development

  • Establishment of Shehre-Khamoshan Authority (PKR.1,000 million)
  • Construction/development of landfill sites at Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Sahiwal and Lahore (PKR.367.288 million)
  • Establishment of Model Cattle Market at Gondal Lahore, Multan, R.Y. Khan, Chichawatni, Arifwala Attock, Khushab and Layyah (PKR.561 million)
  • Construction of Union Council office buildings in Punjab (PKR.309 million)
  • Provision of Handpumps in rural areas of Punjab (PKR.300 million)
  • Elimination of “Ponds from Major Villages of Punjab to Improve Sanitation” Eradication of Vector Diseases (PKR.300 million)
  • Model Graveyard Shehr-e-Khamooshan in Punjab (PKR.200 million)
  • Improvement of public graveyards in Punjab (PKR.148 million)
  • Punjab Municipal Services Improvement Project Phase-II  (PKR.130 million)
  • Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program (PKR.100 million)
  • Preservation and Restoration of Lahore Fort (PKR.50.000 million)
  • Preservation and Restoration of Wazir Khan Mosque (PKR.80.000 million)

Planning & Development and Regional Planning 

  • Viability Gap Fund (VGF) for PPP Projects (PKR.4,000 million)
  • Tribal Area Development Project  (PKR.1,000 million)
  • Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project-WB Assisted  (PKR.500 million)
  • Water Supply Pipelines Extension proposed on the Existing 4 Schemes, Bahawalpur (PKR.414 million)
  • Water Supply Pipelines from from Kudwala to Banna Post, Bahawalpur  (PKR.352 million)
  • Southern Punjab Poverty Alleviation Programme (PKR.217 million)
  • Research And Development/Technical Support/ Consultancies  (PKR.150 million)
  • Programme For Science, Education, Technology And Innovation (PKR.100 million)
  • Surveys For Evidence-Based Planning (PKR.100 million)